Custom Lizzy and Erin Brushes

This is more exciting than we both can even explain!  We have partnered up with Paint Pixie and we are so happy to bring you our Custom LIZZY AND ERIN paint brushes!! With Love and Positivity as our focus, each brush has a positive message attached meant to inspire you to lace up your tennis shoes, keep pushing, and be the best version of yourself every single day!  

Currently Available in 3 Styles: MADE IN ITALY

LIL HICKABILLY- The sassy little brush everyone needs- 4 inches wide and made with high quality bristles.  It will fit into most 8 oz paint jars and pint cans.

BE YOU- Always be you in everything you do, and you will never frown again.  This 1" round brush is great for the details, but could easily handle a bigger project too.

BE KIND- Always be kind, because you never know how that kindness could change someones life.  This 1 1/4" Round has a comfy fit for your hand, and is great for big and small projects alike.

  • $25.00